Hirescores.com, a recruitment agency review site, conducted research and found out that 76 per cent of British workers had taken part in extracurricular activities to make their job prospects greater.

The site has carried out research to find out the number of people who take part in activities just to make themselves look more interesting.

The poll asked 1,279 people currently in work have you ever taken part in an activity solely to make yourself more appealing to an employer? It found that 76 per cent of those in work have taken part in an extra activity just to make their CV look better.

When those who had answered yes were asked the multi-answer question what activities have you included on your CV to make it look better, four in five said they had included charity work they had done.

Seventy one per cent of those who had included charity work on their CV had taken part in the work a long time ago, with many stating they merely added it to make themselves look good.

Three in four said that speaking or learning to speak a foreign language was the way they had dressed up their résumé. With French being the one that most had chosen.

Physical activities also proved very popular for those wanting to better their potential working image, this include going to the gym, taking part in a sport and 34 per cent said that they had listed socialising on their CV, with many citing that they thought it would make them look more popular and outgoing.

The top 10 activities that people take part in to enhance their career prospects are:

  1. Charity work – 79 per cent
  2. Speaking a foreign language – 75 per cent
  3. Going to the gym– 67 per cent
  4. College course – 66 per cent
  5. Playing a musical instrument – 63 per cent
  6. Taking up a sport – 55 per cent
  7. Amateur dramatics – 51 per cent
  8. Reading – 47 per cent
  9. Cooking – 42 per cent
  10. Socialising – 34 per cent

Playing a musical instrument was one of the hobbies that 63 per cent of people had done and put down on their CV. The most popular instrument of choice was guitar, closely followed by the piano.

Lisette Howlett, managing director of Hirescores.com said: “I think that is superb that people are looking to better themselves in order to get the job that they want.

“I think that even if the activity is in no way related to the job that you want, it can most definitely sway someone to pick you over everyone else.

“Equally important is the fact that hobbies and non work activities can help you build your CV and demonstrate skills that your current job may not require.

“For example, chairing a committee, organising an event, captaining a sports team, directing a play can all be used to demonstrate leadership, organisation and management skills.”

She said: “I think the important thing to remember is that dream job aside, it’s important to have a hobby. Not only does it create opportunities in your personal and professional life, it also helps to make you a more rounded person.”