AHEAD of his forthcoming appearance at Cardiff Solus, former American singer/songwriter Chuck Ragan took time out to speak to The Guide...

You’re bringing The Revival Tour to Wales next week, can you describe what visitors to your concerts will get to hear?

Absolutely! This coming tour will showcase an extremely eclectic line-up, with works from Emily Barker, Jay Maliknowski of Bedouin Soundclash,The Deadcoast, Cory Branan, Rocky Votalato, along with myself and the accompaniment of a solid and talented back-up group of strings across the board. The music styles will range and carry through from classic folk and Americana to country and independent acoustic work, with instrumentation consisting of guitars, mandolins, uprights, fiddles, lap steels, pianos, banjos, violas, cellos, harps and more. A massive collaboration of talent, packed within a three-hour, nonstop performance that doesn’t tire the ears or the eyes throughout.

It’s a unique evening that most likely will never be repeated.

Have people been surprised by your folk/bluegrass style who would normally recognise you for your rockier material?

Possibly those who are newto what I’ve done and to what I do.

As for older fans, most of them knewof all of my acoustic work in the early days of Hot Water Music just as much as HWM. To me nowadays, it seems we’re turning a lot folks on toHWMwho didn’t knowof the band before – which is pretty cool. To them, it’s a whole other animal that they didn’t expect at all.

You have a core team of musicians supporting you on this tour – how did you all come together?

I believe combinations and collaborations such as these on any tours or group outings are simply meant to be. Who knows howor where the pieces fell into place to lead us all together? The factors and possibilities are virtually endless. For me, I can say that I’m simply a fan and supporter of each and every artist as well as crewmember that I get to take the stage or share the bus with.

Howit came to be could be traced possibly – but I’d rather spend the time learning more of their songs!

What has been your best live experience?

That’s a tough call, considering the number of stops I’ve made over the past couple decades.

Also a tough call considering that each and every one of the Revival Tour gigs is completely different and special in its own way.

One of the gigs that sticks out was a church we played that holds all types of independent shows and community functions in Wiesbaden, Germany. The church/venue is named Ringkirche. Find yourself there for an event and you’ll see and hear why and what I’m talking about!

Or have me back at Le Pub and we’ll give them all a run for their money!

● Catch Chuck Ragan launch The Revival Tour at Cardiff Solus on October 16. Tickets are available online from therevivaltourtix.com