MORE than 100 people in Gwent were caught driving while using their mobile phone last month.

Across Wales nearly 1,000 motorists were caught during the 2012 All-Wales Anti-Mobile Phone While Driving campaign.

The two-week campaign, involving road safety partners in Wales, aimed to raise awareness among motorists about the real dangers involved when drivers break the law through phoning or texting at the wheel.

In the Gwent area, 128 fixed penalty notices were issued, compared to 242 penalty notices given by South Wales Police and 454 by Dyfed Powys Police.

"Along with drink driving, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and driving carelessly, using a mobile phone behind the wheel, whether it texting, using an app, or making a phone call is classed as one of the five most common causes of fatal road traffic collisions," explained Lee Ford, Gwent Police Roads Policing Inspector.

"A slight lapse in concentration can have serious consequences and it is disappointing that 128 motorists in Gwent have broken the law and risked their own lives and the lives of others."

Councillor Richard Clark, member for community safety in Torfaen, said the dangers are too high to ignore.

"I hope campaigns such as this make more drivers, passengers and the Torfaen community more aware of the risks and consequences of using a mobile phone while driving," he said.