A MAN has described how a “neighbour from hell” hit him twice with her 4x4 car in a dispute over access to land.

Jonathan Tunley, 38, of Henllys, near Cwmbran, told the Argus that his 68-year-old neighbour, Jean Glyde, drove towards him, throwing him onto the bonnet and against the windscreen, in May this year.

Glyde, also from Henllys, pleaded guilty on a basis of plea to assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday.

After the hearing Mr Tunley claimed a neighbourly dispute had been brewing between the families since January this year, when Glyde objected to a planning application submitted by the Tunleys to build an extension on their house.

“On the night of May 27, my son Jac was walking his dog along the bottom of their drive when Mrs Glyde was driving past,” said Mr Tunley, who is a part-time farmer and builder.

“She pinned him and the dog against a fence, so he rang me and told me what happened.

“I ran across the field and asked what she had done.

She said we had no right of way, but I said I did and continued to walk up the road.

She reversed back, blowing on the horn and went flat out at me.

“I thought, ‘she’s going to stop’, but she hit me from behind, scooping me up on to the bonnet and windscreen,” he said.

“I crawled off and carried on walking. She tried again and I pushed myself out of the way, but then she came at me again and scooped me up.

She looked mad.”

One of Mr Tunley’s neighbours who did not want to be named described how she heard Glyde’s car horn and thought it was on television.

“I saw (Mr Tunley) go right up onto the windscreen and I thought he was going to go through it,” she said. “I thought he was going to be killed.”

Mr Tunley suffered pain in his neck and shoulder afterwards and lost a hay crop after he was unable to collect it, he said.

“I have played rugby all my life and I have never been so scared as I was that night,” he said.

“It used to be quite peaceful around here. She is a neighbour from hell.”

At Cardiff Crown Court yesterday, Jennet Treharne, defending, said Glyde has health problems and is waiting to have a possible hip replacement and that her husband is waiting for a knee replacement.

She said the incident was out of character and that there have been no problems during the last six months since she was released on bail.

She said: “This is very much out of character. She has always contributed to the community and is well thought of, as shown by the references.”

Recorder Nicholas Gareth Jones adjourned sentencing until Friday so a presentence report can be prepared.

Glyde was released on conditional bail.