A GWENT MP has hit out at a UK cancer charity after it sent MPs cigarettes.

As part of a lobbying campaign Cancer Research UK sent every British MP a cigarette packet to show the slick designs and colourful packaging that it claims children and young people find appealing.

But David Davies, MP for Monmouth, highlighted on Twitter that the charity also sent MPs two cigarettes.

He said he was a "bit surprised and slightly amused that anb anti-tobacco lobby is sending me cigarettes."

"It's ironic to say at the very least they are going out to buy packets to do this."

He said he'd prefer it if the charity was working in laboratories to find cures for cancer - however the charity said the campaign was paid for by a personal donation from a supporter wanting to back the charity's anti-tobacco campaign.

The charity says that two were left in each pack to show the cigarette itself is often branded, and wants the law changed so cigarettes packets are standardised with large warnings and no brand.

"We're urging the government to act now. They must make the right decision to protect children from tobacco marketing," the charity says on its blog.