A CWMBRAN family had more than £70,000 worth of possessions stolen in a burglary on Sunday night, including three cars parked outside their home.

Daughter Nathalie, 24, was visiting her parents, while her brother Harrison, 26, is in hospital as he was knocked over on Boxing Day. Both of their cars were stolen, along with mum Penny’s, 55. Dad Richard Cole, also 55, did not have his car stolen, so the family believe this was a burglary involving at least four people.

The stolen cars were a blue BMW 1 Series convertible with the registration plate YK11 XNP; a white VW Polo with the registration plate T24TTS; and a black VW Polo with the registration plate CA12 VWG.

The thieves broke into the house, on Pentre Lane in Cwmbran, as the family slept, stealing a brand new Mac Airbook, two laptops, a professional camera, jewellery, cash, designer sunglasses, a mobile phone and two wallets which held credit cards, driving licences and more. The family have cancelled all the cards.

Ms Cole said: “It’s been such a shock, we were all sleeping upstairs. With my brother being knocked over as well, it’s been a really bad end to the year for all of us.”

Ms Cole’s brother was knocked over by a taxi on Boxing Day outside the Riverfront Theatre, breaking his leg in four places. He remains in hospital, but his sister says he is on the mend.

The family said there was no sign of forced entry, and think the burglars must have used a wooden rod and stuck it through the letterbox to pick up the front door keys. They left the rod in the garden.

Ms Cole added: “Police said it’s really unusual for burglars to take three cars. I actually woke up at 2.30am. I heard a noise, but with the bad weather we’ve been having, I told myself it was just the wind and went back to sleep. I’m really glad I didn’t go downstairs, as who knows what could have happened. My car was not meant to be here, neither was my brother’s. It’s just the worst luck. It’s absolutely devastating to be honest.”

If you have any information, call police on 101.