THE fate that befell a voyage to the Antarctic shows scientists don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to climate change, says Monmouth MP David Davies.

The politician said world temperatures haven’t increased for 16 years and stressed he found the situation – where a group of scientists, journalists and others on a stricken ship had to be rescued by helicopter – quite funny.

The Conservative MP was reacting to comments made by Labour Monmouth candidate Ruth Jones about his stance.

Mr Davies said: “Ruth obviously speaks to a lot of members of the Labour Party in Monmouth who are no doubt unhappy I represent them.”

He added: “Perhaps she can explain the group of eminent scientists who went off to the South Pole got stuck in a wall of ice and had to be rescued.

“I think it shows that the scientists don’t know what they are talking about.

“They (temperatures) haven’t increased for 16 years. I just think it’s just quite funny. It’s indicative of the sort of foolishness of those who pretend to know what the weather is doing at the moment.”

l In a column for Total Politics, Mr Davies has claimed anonymous Tory MPs briefed against ex-chief whip Andrew Mitchell MP over the ‘Plebgate’ row.