A PETITION is to be launched by a homeowner at The British to re-surface an old dirt track which residents have been forced to use while their main access road has been flooded.

Roger Rudge, of Elizabeth Row, complained to Torfaen council officers after his wife ripped a tyre using the pot-hole laden track – on a four inch bolt sticking out of the ground.

Council engineers have since pulled out the bolts and filled in holes, but Mr Rudge wants the BOAT (byway open to all traffic) road repaired for the long-term.

“All they have done is put in place temporary measures,” said the 66-year-old Elizabeth Row resident. “We will be back to square one with the next downfall.”

The issue was raised when more than 50 residents were left cut off from main roads for more than a week over Christmas, caused by flooding on Farm Road which reached up to 7ft.

Mr Rudge said he had been told there is no council money available to prevent flooding occurring again – an issue said to have persisted for more than 30 years – so he has posted a petition at the burger van opposite the public house off Commercial Road in an attempt to force a solution.

He also has a meeting set up with Paul Murphy MP.

Disgruntled Castlewood resident Carl Davies also hit out over the problem last week, an outcry echoed earlier this week by fellow homeowner Keri Williams.

She said: “The rain causes regular flooding here when it runs off the mountain and washes debris into the drain under the old railway bridge.

“It is a disgrace.”

Abersychan ward councillor Wayne Tomlinson, who lived in the area for 25 years, has called on Torfaen County Borough Council to conduct a site visit.

Councillor John Cunningham, executive member for neighbourhood services at Torfaen Council, said: “Flooding at Farm Road is a long-standing issue caused by leaves and other debris blocking the road gullies, and has been particularly heavy over the Christmas period due to the severe weather conditions.

“The gullies are cleared routinely but in this case we have had to wait for the water levels to drop before we were able to access and clear the blockages. We currently have a team on site clearing the water courses which should help rain water to drain freely and keep flooding to a minimum.

“We are continually looking at new ways to alleviate flooding in this area and will arrange a site visit with Cllr Tomlinson in due course.”