A COUPLE from Pontypool appeared before magistrates yesterday, charged with causing unnecessary suffering to rabbits.

Daniel Clarke, 25, and Victoria Garland, 24, both of Afon Llwyd Terrace, Pontnewynydd, were charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and failure to ensure an animal received appropriate veterinary care.

The RSPCA visited their home in August and found one rabbit with overgrown teeth, the court heard.

The rabbit was described to Newport Magistrates’ Court, at the case yesterday, as having “teeth like tusks of a walrus”.

A second rabbit had an abscess on its face and required pain relief from a vet.

The court was told that both of the pets had previously been taken to the vets, but that due to financial reasons they had not been returned there for follow-up appointments.

Clarke had inquired about rehoming the rabbit with the overgrown teeth, but had been unable to find somewhere that would take it, magistrates were told.

The rabbits are now in the care of the RSPCA.

The pair also had four dogs and three cats that the RSPCA said it had no concerns about.

Each was fined £380.

They were both also disqualified indefinitely from keeping rabbits.