PUPILS from Torfaen interviewed the Greenpeace activist who was detained in Russia, as part of a school project.

Anthony Perrett, 32, was one of 28 activists and two journalists who were arrested in September and charged with hooliganism as they staged a protest at a Russian offshore oil rig.

The year six pupils at Pontnewynydd Primary School researched Greenpeace and looked at media coverage to keep up to date on events.

The pupils also wrote 24 letters to Mr Perrett in Russia, which he said he received, offering their support.

Last week, Mr Perrett, 32, who was the first of the activists to have charges against him dropped by the Russian authorities on December 24, after being detained for two months, visited the school to look at their projects and answer the pupil’s questions.

The class are going to use the information to produce a documentary in their TV studio about the Arctic 30, within which Mr Perrett will be interviewed.

The pupils will write, produce and edit the show before uploading it to the internet.

Mr Perrett said: “The events have drawn attention to the issues and I hope to have inspired the younger generation.”

Pupil, Yasmin Taylor, said: “I don’t want animals to die, like Polar Bears, so when I’m older I want to be climate friendly.”

Amelia Illard added: “Anthony looked bigger in real life and was much nicer than we thought as he looked grumpy in his photographs taken in Russia."

Mr Perrett also visited to a community centre in Monmouth yesterday.