Sir - Does David Barlow know what "income" and "expenditure" mean? Of course governments and individuals spend monies on different things.

However, for both, any money going out is expenditure. Similarly, any money coming in, either through taxation etc. or wages etc. is income. When expenditure is greater than income, covered by borrowing, eventually they both run out of creditors. Mr. Micawber said it all.

As for blaming private borrowers for our problems, what rubbish. As I pointed out, government debt is around £14,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. Private debt is minute in comparison. The interest alone on the National Debt is some £43 billion p.a., that is more than £500 for each of us.

Mr. Barlow rejects austerity, what other solution to our debt problem does he offer, more borrowing?

Alan Coombs