A MARTIAL arts expert who trained Christian Bale and Tom Cruise for the Batman and Mission: Impossible series packed a punch in Cwmbran yesterday afternoon [February 2].

Keysi founder Justo Dieguez demonstrated his street fighting style. which has been used by the Hollywood stars in the Dark Knight and Jack Reacher.

His Spanish martial art combines elements of kung fu, flamenco and bull fighting. and emphasises natural instincts.

Mr Dieguez, 57, said: “It’s my first time in Wales. Flamenco is about expression, it’s about the soul. In my area, bull fighting is very popular. It’s about the bull and the man in the fight and how to control the situation.

“When you enter the martial arts world, it’s very traditional. It’s not real for the street.

“We control it with a programme, we perfect it.”

Yesterday, Mr Dieguez trained aspiring Keysi instructors Shane Griffiths and David Thomas at Llantarnam School. in Lantarnam Road.

The two martial arts enthusiasts from Cwmbran will have to learn Keysi for at least a year before they can teach it. the self-defence system.

also used in film franchises including James Bond and Clash of the Titans.