GHOSTLY goings on are causing a stir at an Abergavenny pub.

Karen Reed, manager at the Hen and Chickens pub, on Flannel Street, is hoping local people can shed light on claims that the ghost of a young girl has been seen skipping through the 17th Century building singing the nursery rhyme Ring O’Roses which dates back to 1881.

Ms Reed, 40, who has been the manager for a year but held several positions at the pub, including barmaid and team leader, over the past seven years first heard about the friendly ghost from a previous manager and is now keen to find out more about her.

She said: “I live in accommodation on site but in the past used to stay for two to three weeks at a time and always felt a chill in the air but dismissed it as the temperature. Other things would happen like the door to my room would open on its own.

“I have always been sceptical about ghosts but after a psychic medium came to host an evening last November and described seeing a happy girl of about 10 come skipping through the wall of the oldest part of the building I don’t disbelieve in it.”

Ms Reed said that although she has never seen the girl, known to staff as Rosie, she does feel a friendly presence.

Dave Winterfeld, a self-employed psychic medium from Abercarn, said he experienced a lot of residual energy at the pub, which was first recorded as a pub in 1882 under the name of Rachel Cadogen.

“I became aware of a little girl that was watching the evenings activities and playing with the energy in the room,” he said.

Further investigation evenings will take place at the pub, including one for the British Sign Language Users.

Ms Reed would like to hear from anyone who may have seen the girl or can tell her more about the history of the building.