A FORMER drug addict will be using funding she has won to help people struggling with addiction in Chepstow.

Hope Knowles, 18, who attends Chepstow Methodist Church, won £250 of funding at a Share Jesus International meeting in Croydon.

She will use the money to run a series of courses for people struggling with addiction after using drugs herself in the past.

Ms Knowles started taking them when she was 14, first using mephedrone. She then moved on to trying harder drugs before seeking help at the church.

She said: “Something told me to just go to church. I was hearing about going from people and walking in one day really helped.

“Everyone knows (drugs) are here and everyone is aware.

“After many years battling I came clean through the power of Jesus Christ who broke the chains of addiction and set me free.”

Ms Knowles had been attending the courses with Share Jesus International, a missionary agency, for four months before she was awarded the funding.

The charity has run short term missions and youth leadership development courses. It has also led campaigns challenging binge drinking.

She now hopes she will be able use the money to run 20 sessions with Pastor Pete Moffet, of the Victory Church, at the Rainbow Centre on Mill Street.

Having used drugs in the past, she said she has a “personal understanding” to help others.

On the project, she said: “It’s an amazing chance. We have got a little bit of funding but we have to do more things to get more.”

It is hoped there will be a drop in centre held once a week with Ms Knowles and Mr Moffet.