FAST chargers for electric cars are now stationed at motorway services all along the M4, including at Junction 23 Magor.

Electric cars can re-fuel in 20 to 30 minutes, matching the time motorists tend to spend at motorway services, according to industry research.

In comparison, chargers being installed in city centres take between two and eight hours to fuel up an electric car.

The "Electric Highway", created by green energy company Ecotricity and the car company Nissan, is set to cover 90 per cent of the UK's motorway service stations by this summer.

The entire length of the M4 from London to Llanelli now has been completed. Last year Moto and RoadChef joined Welcome Break in signing up to the Electric Highway scheme, with these three companies owning 87 out the Britain’s 98 motorway service stations.

Ecotricity has no plans to charge motorists to use its network for the foreseeable future.