A PLAN to build 80 new homes on the Cooper Filters site in Llanfoist was approved by Monmouthshire county councillors yesterday afternoon - subject to further discussion on the estate’s footpaths and roads.

It had been referred back to the planning committee after they asked for changes to be made to the development's footpaths and design of some of the houses at last month's meeting.

But concerns were again raised by some councillors about the width of some of the pavements and it will now be deferred to a delegation panel who will ensure plans are improved within weeks.

Cllr Giles Howard said he was “happy” the designs had been improved but said the pavements on the roads planned were “not appropriate for children and foot users”.

Cllr Alan Wintle also raised concerns about possible problems getting vehicles by on what he said were narrow roads.

But council officers said the proposed roads and paths were to “adoptable standards”.

And Cllr Roger Harris, who represents the adjoining Croesonen ward, said: “The developers have listened to what we have to say and they’ve done what we’ve asked. It’s very difficult to turn round [and refuse the plans].”

As part of the plans, parking spaces for an OAP block and affordable flats for OAPs will be built closer to Merthyr Road than was initially proposed.

Two semi-detached blocks of affordable houses will be moved further south and a cycle lock-up and bin store will be accessed directly from the road. This is to improve security and so bins are collected directly from the store.

There were 18 objections to the plans, which commented on the number of houses that were proposed and possible problems of anti-social behaviour.

The plans were approved by Abergavenny’s Town Council.

George Ashworth, the council’s head of planning, said there were expected to be 23 primary school pupils and 25 secondary school pupils living on the estate when an initial 100-home development was proposed by developers a year ago. Slightly fewer children are now anticipated.

But Cllr Simon Howarth said he was “angry” that primary school pupils who live on the site will be expected to travel up to a mile to Deri View School in Abergavenny.

Barratts is already building 134 new homes on the Gavenny Gate site, to the south-west of the site.