DOG breeders across Gwent are preparing for this year’s Crufts which starts tomorrow.

Maxine Alderman and her husband Scott, from Blackwood, have been breeding bulldogs for the last year.

Mrs Alderman, 29, said: “We are really excited. This will be the first time we are showing a dog. Jake is a white male bulldog and has been best in show at the last couple of champion shows in the puppy category. They are all bulldog special shows.

“We are quiet hopeful for his chances at Crufts. He loves going to the shows – he’s a really good boy.”

Joy Mahoney, of High Street, Abersychan is taking her two borzois, Fleur, seven, and Grace, eight-months, to Crufts this year. She has been breeding dogs since 1974.

She said: “I’ve been going to Crufts since 1972. We usually take the Afghan Hounds but decided just to take the borzois this year.“I always hope to be placed. I have been placed almost every time I have been.”

A rare-dog breeder from St Arvans, near Chepstow, will be taking his blue-tongued chow chow to the show to compete in the junior bitch category.

David Finlay, 69, of Rogerstone Grange, has bred chow chows for the past 30 years and will be taking Flo, 15-months, his youngest of three dogs.

The fluffy dogs originate from China.

Mr Finlay said: “I go to Crufts every year but this will be the first time in a few years that I have a dog to show – it will be interesting. Flo has always come in the top two at champion shows, she has qualified eight times.

“She’s been training every week walking with me. There will be chow chow champions from all over the world – I will be happy if she gets placed.”

Mr Finlay and his son Stephen are the joint owners of Flynn, nine, Farrah four, and Florence, 15. A total of 83 chow chows have been entered in the competition in 15 different classes, the top dogs of the different categories will compete for best in breed and have a chance at the the top award which is best in show on Sunday.

Crufts will take place at the NEC in Birmingham from March 6 until March 9.