AN ACTION group is trying to raise £40,000 for the next part of their campaign for a train station in Magor and Undy.

Magor with Undy Action Group on Rail (MAGOR) has been campaigning since March last year to have a railway station situated in the area. The group have approached MPs and Assembly Members and are now talking with rail representatives.

They estimate that around £40,000 will be needed to fund a feasibility study within the Welsh Transport and Planning Appraisal. The Welsh Government recently announced that they will be taking over the responsibility on all rail development rather than South East Wales Transport Alliance, a consortium of 10 local authorities.

The money can be obtained through sponsorship and the group are currently looking at a number of community regeneration grants.

Laurence Hando, 52, chairman of MAGOR, said: "Severn Tunnel Junction is too small and inadequately supported for the need. This need will only increase with the 500 extra houses being built in Undy.

"The simple answer is a Magor and Undy Walkway community Station. The response has been very positive at the moment.

"We have been engaging with the population of Undy and Magor. Lots of people support the campaign and think it's a fantastic idea."

The group have the support of Monmouthshire County Council but is not expecting to see them funding the station. The group propose a walkway station which would have links with the community centre.

Figures released this week by the Office of Rail Regulation show more people used Monmouthshire’s train stations last year than the year before.

Severn Valley Junction station saw an increase of 9.1 per cent in 2012/13 after 205,814 passengers made entries or exits there.

Abergavenny station saw a 2.14 per cent increase. 379,396 people used it in 2012/13 but 371,462 used it in 2011/12.

While Chepstow’s station was used by 2.37 per cent more people as 208,316 used it and Caldicot station saw a 2.7 per increase after 87,750 people used it.

A spokeswoman for Arriva Trains Wales said the recent expansion of the car park at the Severn Tunnel Junction station had encouraged more use of that station.

Cllr Frances Taylor, who represents Magor on Monmouthshire council and is a member of MAGOR, said there are about 12,000 cars that travel through the village a day and that a train station would help alleviate pollution problems.

Mr Hando said: "The station needs to be by the main road to have good links with buses. At the moment buses don't want to go all the way down to Severn Tunnel Station."

Magor and Undy stations closed in 1964 to passengers as part of a restructure of British railways. The next committee meeting will be on March 20 at 7.30pm in the function room of The Golden Lion Inn, Magor.

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