A RESIDENT has hit out at Torfaen council over what he calls “unreasonable” rules at its New Inn refuse site, and said he believes it is contributing to shocking incidents of fly tipping in the borough.

Martin Green, a Torfaen homeowner of more than thirty years, said that while he was conscious of the importance of recycling, it is “increasingly difficult” to dump rubbish at the civic amenity site in his view.

He said he had experienced a number of frustrating trips to the site recently, including being sent away on a number of occasions for not possessing the necessary permits, which he called “ridiculous”.

He said: “You have to have a permit for a van, and separate permits for different types of rubbish as I understand it. To get a permit you have to physically go the Civic Centre. It makes a ten minute job a lot more hassle.”

He also said there was often “intolerable” queuing just to get in because cars have to move around the site to find the right skip.

Mr Green, who lives in Croesyceiliog, said: “I am an honest, law abiding, fair person. I am also concerned about the environment and a man of conscience. Had I been an unscrupulous man many of my items would have ended up on the side of the road and nearby fields.

“We can no longer dump the rubbish from our garden on a Sunday and at the same time pick the neighbour’s old fridge and take in the same trip. There is no doubt in my mind, and it is the opinion of many people I speak to, that the rules and regulations the council has put in place and the rearrangement of the recycling plant at New Inn has caused the increase in fly tipping.

“Expect more Fly Tipping in the future too, not less. Because the council policy seems to be make life as difficult as possible for people and then beat them with a stick – fine – when they don't comply.”

A council spokesperson said the permits were intended to stop illegal use of the site for disposal of trade waste for which there is a charge.

“Any resident who brings waste in a van or a trailer to the household waste recycling centre must first apply for a free permit and bring it with them when they visit the site,” he said. “Each permit covers residents for two trips to the site.”

“Residents can bring up to a tonne of waste to the site per visit, however, large quantities of rubble and construction/demolition waste are not considered to be household waste and will not be accepted.

“It should be noted that fly tipping is a crime and anyone found guilty will be prosecuted.”

More info is available at http://bit.ly/1fVU1oY