A BEAT bobby said his bid to search a man for drugs turned into a “pantomime”.

Thomas Waymouth, 37, of Grahamstown Road, Sedbury, claimed he had done nothing wrong and was not going to be searched outside his house by PC Nicholas Assiriti.

Using his mobile phone, he filmed PC Assiriti, who repeated that he was going to search Waymouth, who continually replied ‘No you’re not'.

Jurors at Gloucester Crown Court watched the 12-minute film of Waymouth constantly challenging the officer.

PC Assiriti told them: “It was almost like a pantomime. I was saying ‘I am going to search you’ and him saying ‘No you’re not’ over and over.”

Waymouth, of Grahamstown Road, Sedbury, denies obstructing a police officer in the course of his duty on April 24, 2013, by leaving the scene and refusing to be searched.

PC Assiriti told the court he was in a difficult position as he was on his own and facing both Waymouth and his brother Richard.

The officer said he radioed for back-up, but help was 10 to 15 minutes away and he had to contain the situation on his own until then. At one point he drew his CS gas spray, as he felt he could be in danger.

The incident ended when other officers arrived and Waymouth did not resist being searched or arrested.

He said the incident had begun when he saw the brothers in a car apparently exchanging what he suspected may be drugs. Richard was compliant, but his brother was not.

In interview later, Thomas said he had done nothing to warrant a search. He said he was not in the car – but had walked out of his house to show his brother some photos of the house.