POST OFFICE worker has thanked her “knights in shining armour” who chased after the masked thief who targeted her store and stole a charity box.

Chris Thomas 37 and Mathew Millett, 23, who both work as gas engineers at Bron Afon Community Housing, were on their break outside the Maendy Square post office in Pontnewydd, when the drama unfolded.

Mr Thomas, from Croesyceiliog, said: “We were outside having a break and a chat and saw this guy acting a bit strange. He had a mask over his face riding a push bike. Next thing we know, a woman comes out of the post office crying.”

The Post office worker, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the experience was “terrifying”.

She said: “He just came in and I looked up from serving my customer and my heart just leapt out. He didn’t say anything to me.

“He had a black scarf around his face. At that point I thought oh my god, he’s going to hold us up. I was working on my own in the shop.

He then ran out with the Marie Curie daffodil charity box, thought to contain around £20.

“I went out and the two guys were there – I hadn’t long served one of them. They were my knights in shining armour.

They made sure I was OK then went after him.

“It was very terrifying. I was just in pieces. It totally shook me up.

“I’m always conscious as I work on my own. All my customers have been so concerned.”

The thief then cycled away, dropping the charity box and scattering daffodils as he was chased by Mr Thomas and Mr Millett.

Mr Thomas said: “We hadn’t seen the guy come out.

“We ran down and caught up with him and his bike. He fell off the bike and put his hand in his pocket and said I’ll shoot you.

“I put my hand on his hand and he ran off and left his bike.

“It’s disgusting. I think he was hoping for a bit more.”

Gwent Police said they were called at 12.15pm on March 27 to the Post Office at Maendy Square shops to a report of a theft of a charity box.

The Gwent Police spokeswoman said: “A man went into the store and stole the charity box. The box was recovered after being dropped.”

Enquiries are ongoing. If anyone has information, call the police on 101 quoting log number 173/273.