A SEDBURY man who refused to be searched by a policeman - causing a ‘pantomime-style’ scene outside his home - has been cleared of a charge of obstruction.

Thomas Waymouth, 37, was adamant he had done nothing wrong and filmed PC Nicholas Assirati on his mobile phone.

Whilst on patrol, PC Assirati had seen Mr Waymouth and his brother Richard apparently exchanging or looking at something the officer suspected may have been drugs.

He told them he was going to search them and the car owned by Richard Waymouth.

The latter complied, but Thomas Waymouth repeatedly refused then began filming the incident.

That film was shown to the jury at Gloucester crown court. The officer kept repeating his intention to search Mr Waymouth, who replied repeatedly “no you’re not.”

PC Assirati said: “It was almost like a pantomime. I was saying “I am going to search you” and he was saying “no you’re not” over and over.”

Mr Waymouth, of Grahamstown Road, Sedbury, denied obstructing a police officer in the course of his duty on April 24 last year.

He said he had been showing his brother photographs of the house which his mother had put up for sale, and had acted in frustration at the manner of the search.

After a two day trial the jury found him not guilty, but before discharging him the judge, Recorder Michael Gibney, said: “Can I just indicate that one needs to be careful as to the manner and attitude adopted when public officials are going about their duty.”