A CWMBRAN street has been named one of the slowest for broadband speeds in the UK.

According to the latest consumer speed test, Llantarnam Road has an average download speed of just 1.10 megabytes per second (Mbps) – making it the 13th worst in the country.

It’s also within the top three slowest in Wales – according to the research by online comparison site uSwitch.com – but it is not the worst.

That is Erw Fawr in Henryd, Conwy, with an average download speed of 0.60Mbps - 30 times slower than the UK national average 17.8Mbps.

Llantarnam Road is home to several businesses, which rely on the internet for everyday operations.

Architect Rory Horton runs Giant Stone landscape architects, using a website to market its services.

He said he had tried numerous different providers over the years after becoming frustrated with his online situation.

“It got absolutely ridiculous at one point, when we could barely get on the internet,” he said. “There was no point having it.”

“Nowadays my son would probably have more gripes than I do, as he oversees the website.”

Wendy Kirkman, of computer repair service GiaKondaIT, also said she had experienced problems.

“We have a base in Swansea too and it is noticeably quicker there,” she said.

Llantarnam ward councillor David Daniels called it “unacceptable” and “incredibly frustrating”.

“I’ve had a number of residents in the area sharing their experience of consistently poor internet speeds,” he said. “With the internet becoming increasingly important in enabling people to participate fully in society, it’s unacceptable that certain areas are being disadvantaged by poor connection speeds.”

Not everyone said they had problems though.

Paul Williams of Happy Occasions Cakes said it was fast enough for all his needs, while a fellow resident – who asked not to be named – said he had no trouble with his Sky connection speed.

A Welsh Government spokesman said Llantarnam Road was included in roll-out plans to receive fast fibre broadband under the Superfast Cymru programme. Work is due to start in the area in March 2015.

Test your broadband speed at http://www.uswitch.com/broadband/speedtest

For more information visit www.uswitch.com or call 0800 093 0607.