A TRELLECH churchgoer has received the highest honour of becoming a Knight of the Order of Francis I.

Tony McGorrigan, 60, the former landlord of the Bush Inn at Penallt, Monmouth, was honoured last Friday by the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George at the annual Mass to celebrate St. George’s Day.

Mr McGorrigan was invested as a Knight of the Order of Francis I, an internationally recognised knighthood, for his charity work.

He said: “I was lost for words when I was notified that I was to be awarded such an honour. You go about what you think is your normal day-to-day business without realising that others have been taking note of the good things that you are doing. I am humbled but honoured.”

Mr McGorrigan, a chartered survey has been attending the Old Church in Penallt for the last 10 years and is an honorary advisor to the most Reverend George Stack, the Archbishop of Cardiff.

Reverend Sandra, vicar of the Parish of Trellech and Penallt, said: “It was a joy and a privilege to support a member of our church on such an important day marking his achievements and, to be able to offer the intercessions was a very humbling, yet thrilling, moment."