A MONMOUTH boy spurred on by the 2012 Paralympics completed his first ever one kilometre run with a new prosthetic blade yesterday - and the support of a paratriathlete.

Ollie Bauert, six, was born with a condition that caused a deficiency in the growth of his left leg and has worn a prosthetic limb since he was nine months old.

Boosted by the Paralympics in London two years ago, Ollie’s family managed to secure funding for a blade designed for running – and he completed the Gwent Wildlife Trust’s fun run in Undy.

But among the youngster's supporters at the race was fellow bladerunner Andy Lewis, 31, who will be part of Team GB's first ever squad when they compete at the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro.

Mr Lewis, an ambassador for charities Arctic One and Limbpower, who support children and adults with prosthetic limbs, heard about Ollie and joined the youngster yesterday to run around the course with him.

Mr Lewis, who is from Lydney and competed at an event in Llanelli on Saturday, said: “It was a bit of a surprise for him. I’m going to keep in touch and support him as much as I can. If I can leave something with him or the people who were there, that's great.”

And to give Ollie a boost, Mr Lewis gave him the first gold medal he won as a paratriathlete at Stoke Mandeville stadium in Aylesbury last October.

Ollie's mum Micaela Bauert said: “When Ollie was born, nearly seven years ago, we were told that it was likely that he would never be able to walk.

"It has been a long journey to get to where we are, but seeing Ollie’s face as he completed the Gwent Wildlife Trust’s 1K fun run has made every step we have taken worth it.”

Overall 35 people ran in the fun run, which was held alongside the charity’s 10k Race for Wildlife at Undy Athletic Football Club on The Causeway.