SCARECROW spotters were given a treat in Monmouthshire on the weekend, when an array of wacky creations went on show.

Part of the Llanvair Discoed Open Gardens Festival, they included household names such as Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, Peter Rabbit, and Fireman Sam, complete with full uniform, wellies, and bright orange hair.

Centrestage was reserved for a character who has created quite the name for himself across the area of late however, Basil the Scarecrow - the Llanvair Discoed village mascot.

Dressed in jeans, a waistcoat, and a hat, he had been on tour promoting the open gardens event for weeks before, and seen everywhere from the market to the pub.

One of the festival organisers, Heather Brogan, said the event - which also included a flower display - had raised £3,000 for the local church.

She said: “Basil’s done well. A lot of people wanted to have their picture taken with him. He was around all the gardens.

“We certainly got the weather for it. We couldn’t have wished for anything better and lots of scarecrows came out at the last minute.

“We had some nice comments and everybody enjoyed it. Because of the heat we have had lots of people in our cafe, and that’s done quite well.”

Basil visited several Monmouthshire landmarks in the run up to the event. Among them was Caldicot Market, the Fudge Fairy sweet shop in the town, Chepstow Garden Centre, Chepstow Library. He even spent a week at Caerwent Post Office sitting in its front window.

Around 460 people attended the festival - the first to be held in the area since 2009.

Llanvair Discoed hosted its first open gardens in 1995. A second was held in 2000.

This year the event was held to raise money for the village’s St Mary's Church to fix damp.