A GWENT family has been extended to five generations after a new addition was born two months ago.

When Celtic Manor nursery assistant Ellie Duffield, 20, gave birth to her son Jac Watkins on March 4, the Duffield family line was extended to five generations.

And the whole of her father’s family, with her great-grandparents George and his wife, Dilys Maddocks, both 88, grandmother Julie, 66, aunt Nicola Richards, 44, and her dad Mark, 46, live in Caldicot.

Mr and Mrs Maddocks live with their daughter on Castle Lea, Mrs Richards lives with her family in Linnet Road and Ms Duffield, her partner and baby son live in Shakespeare Row.

Mrs Richards said: “We all live quite close. Now we’ve got a young baby we see them all usually once a week.

“We always get together for big family occasions.

Last week it was my son Liam’s 18th birthday, and then it was my brother’s silver wedding anniversary, so we saw them for that. I go see Ellie once a week and I speak to my sister-in-law Karen probably every day.”