A HUSBAND and wife team have moved to Blaenavon and set up a new arts and craft shop.

Nick and Wendy Horler moved to Blaenavon from Taunton a week after they got married on April 26.

Then the couple set up Artie Craftie, an arts and crafts shop, with the added facility of a creative workshop and photography studio. It will open on Saturday.

Mr Horler said: “When we met we both said we would like to move to Wales to live and we started looking for a suitable property last November.

“Commercial Street was just what we were looking for as it gave us the creative space that we needed.”

Mr Horler, a professional photographer, was familiar with Blaenavon as he had visited a few years ago to take photographs for a local magazine and said that he felt very welcome in the town.

For more information, visit facebook.com/artiecraftiewales or follow @ArtieCraftie on Twitter.