NEW inspectors in Monmouthshire are set to tackle the rise in anti-social behaviour over the summer months.

Monmouthshire policing team have gained three new inspectors, Inspector Sarah Taylor for Monmouthshire North (Abergavenny, Usk and Monmouth), Inspector Roland Giles for Monmouthshire South (Chepstow and Caldicot) and Detective Inspector Andrew Tuck for Monmouthshire wide.

Both Inspector Taylor and Giles predict a rise in anti-social behaviour with the extra light in summer and a host of events taking place in the county.

Inspector Taylor said: "Looking at patterns of previous years it looks like anti-social behaviour will be one of the main issues in this area. It's hard to say what exactly as it involves a host of things from dog mess to dogs barking and youth in the streets.

"I've never had a summer in Monmouthshire, I have previously spent it in Torfaen which is a different animal all together, we will see how it plays out."

Inspector Giles, 37, new inspector for Chepstow and Caldicot, said: "Over the summer anti-social behaviour tends to rise in the area with minor crimes especially with the World Cup this summer and with longer licensing for pubs and dealing with nightlife issues. More officers will be out and about on foot around the town which is what people want to see.

"We have street pastors who help out in Chepstow, it's all about building links with the community, councillors and residents."

Mr Giles was a PC in Chepstow in 2010, a sergeant in Caldicot for three and a half years and an Inspector in Abergavenny from September to May.

He said: "I'm really pleased to be back in Chepstow, I know the area and the officers well. One of the things we are aiming to do is to combat shoplifting in the town.

"About five or six shops in Chepstow have set up a network to connect to our radios. This is a real benefit to combat shoplifters and something we hope to re-energise and get more shops involved in."

Inspector Taylor has been in the police force for the last 21 years starting out in Newport in Pill and Duffryn before becoming a sergeant in Pontypool. She will split her time between Abergavenny, Usk and Monmouth.

She said: "We want to get a few initiatives going, at local schools they have started creating posters to keep their villages safe, promote safeness about speeding and parking. A pilot scheme in Abergavenny is being set up for a speed watch initiative with volunteers learning how to use speed cameras and how to tackle this issue of speeding on country roads.

"It' all about community engagement and working together; residents want to see positive results and achievements. The aim is to ensure we give the community what they want which is officers available."