COUNCIL chiefs are producing a report to identify measures to minimise the impact of flash floods after freak weather conditions devastated parts of Cwmbran last month.

Torrential downpours left St Joseph’s Meadow Estate in Llantarnam under several feet of water on May 22.

Residents in Two Locks Road were forced to move out of their homes due to the flooding, which left a trail of destruction including ruined furniture.

Torfaen council chief, Bob Wellington, said the flash floods were “exceptional”, adding that neighbourhood service officers with 30 years experience had not witnessed an event of this nature before.

The local authority is now working on a report to see if lessons can be learned from the floods but warned that funding may not be available to introduce remedial measures.

Addressing a full council meeting on June 24, Cllr Wellington said: “We will be assessing if any remedial works can be put in place to mitigate future property flooding incidents due to extreme weather.

“However, the funding for such schemes will be difficult in the current economic climate as any such flooding prevention measures will be costly and beyond the existing department budget allocation.”

Victims of the flooding Ruth and Mostyn Powell, of Two Locks Road, spoke of their “nightmare” after the downpours had invaded their home and turned into “horrendous” sewage.

The water reached almost hip level on St Joseph’s Meadow Estate while other residents discovered industrial containers, trees and other debris in Cwmbran Brook after the floods.

Cllr Wellington stressed that drains had recently been checked for debris – typically, a week before the floods.

He added that gullies were inspected on an annual basis but said some were the responsibility of the social landlord Bron Afon.

A council spokesman said on Thursday the report was expected to be ready within the next two to three weeks.