CAMPAIGNERS who handed over a petition signed by more than 5,000 people to Torfaen council last month will meet officers tomorrow to discuss any possible changes to its controversial graveyard policy.

Councillor Elizabeth Haynes, along with a number of mothers – including Catherine Board, who handed the petition over to the authority last month – will talk to officers ahead of a meeting for councillors next week, to review the policy and discuss any possibility of amendments.

Over recent months decorations failing to meet rules and regulations have been removed to ‘preserve the dignity of cemeteries’, stop ‘over personalisation’ of graves, and prevent health and safety problems for maintenance staff.

Stone chippings, windmills, solar lights and wind chimes are no longer permitted in the council’s graveyards. The policy was in place but not enforced until recently.

Councillor Haynes, who represents St Dials, said the council’s agreement for a meeting was positive but that there were still issues to discuss.

She said: “We have got a lot of concerns. Some of the ladies believe they have been discriminated against.”

And she added she had met parents who had cried every day since the policy was suddenly enforced.

Ms Board, of Thornhill, told the Argus last month: “Everyone is absolutely disgusted. It’s about why they are enforcing it now, when they never have up until now.”

The councillors’ seminar is open to the public on Monday and is being held at the Civic Centre in Pontypool at 2pm.