FAMILY members from as far afield as Ireland made the trip to Pontypool on Tuesday for a Gwent great-grandmother’s 100th birthday.

Alice Manley, who was born in Abersychan before living in Pontypool, celebrated 100 years yesterday with her three children, six grand-children and eight great-grandchildren.

Mrs Manley, who has lived at Panteg Nursing Home in Sebastopol, Pontypool, for three years, received a royal greeting from the Queen in the morning before enjoying and afternoon of food and music.

More than 20 members of her family joined to celebrate, including 11 who had come over from Ireland.

Granddaughter Claire Hall, 45, said: “My memory of her is always as a strong, loving and independent woman. She loved cooking and wouldn’t let you leave the house without being fed.

“Her signature dish was egg custard tarts and welsh cakes.”

Mrs Manley worked for her aunt in The Unicorn pub before meeting her husband and having three children, Lorraine, Muriel and Graham.

72-year-old daughter Muriel, who lives in Pontypool, said: “She was looking forward to today and was overawed by all of us being here.

“She loved to sing and was really looking forward to singing all the old favourites today.”