MONMOUTH’S MP has spoken out about what he describes as abusive language against white people, after posting a letter he sent to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission on social media.

David Davies, Conservative MP for Monmouth posted a picture of the letter, which was originally sent to the equalities body back in February, on Twitter after he said someone submitted a Freedom of Information request to see it.

In the letter dated February 10, the MP complains about language used in an article in the Independent newspaper, written by the journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, in which she describes the UK government’s Conservative front bench as “bleached front men” and said none of them were black or Asian.

In the letter Mr Davies said the words present a negative image of white people and asks if the Commission will be looking into it.

The letter states: “I believe people in a high profile position have a duty to use language in a responsible fashion and I am certain that referring to people with white skin as being ‘bleached’ falls below standards that are acceptable.”

Speaking about the commission, he said: “They said they weren’t going to do anything about it.

“I don’t think people should have a go at each other based on race,” he said. “I don’t consider myself bleached, it’s a derogatory term. There is a whiff of hypocrisy about it.

“If I was to write an opinion piece in which I used derogatory language, I’m sure they would come wading in,” he said of the commission.

“I don’t see what (Yasmin Alibhai-Brown being a journalist) has got to do with it, (the commission) are there to monitor all sorts of things. They could’ve made a statement criticising her and saying they don’t expect any ethnic group to be spoken about in that fashion. I expect they aren’t that interested if people want to have a go at white, middle class, middle-aged males. I don’t feel oppressed – I feel mildly irritated.”

The Free Press contacted the Equalities and Human Rights Commission for a comment but did not receive one.