FLOOD warnings have been issued by Natural Resources Wales for the Tintern and Chepstow areas for tonight's high tide.

If your home or business is within a purple shaded area on the maps, you can receive free flood warnings. NRW issues flood warnings to specific areas when flooding is expected. If you receive a flood warning you should take immediate action.

If your home or business is within a pink shaded area on the map then you can receive free flood alerts. NRW issues flood alerts when flooding is possible. In many areas it issues flood alerts for flooding from rivers, the sea and groundwater. If you receive a flood alert you should be prepared for flooding and to take action.

It is very difficult to predict the exact location of flooding from groundwater as it is often related to local geology, NRW says. It can’t say for definite which properties are at risk from groundwater flooding. To help people it provides flood alerts for large areas that could be affected if groundwater levels were high.

River level monitoring sensors are placed in the waters at key points and measure changes in water level. This data is recorded at 15 minute intervals; it's then sent back to NRW offices to be published online at least once a day. The information may be updated more frequently to meet operational needs, for example when water levels are high. This is the most up to date information available about river and sea levels.

High tide at Newport is expected to reach 7.5 metres at 7:38pm today. High tide at Tintern will be 45 minutes later than at Newport. The previous high tide at Newport reached a level of 6.9 metres at 8:15am this morning. A flood warning is also currently in force for the following areas; Wye Estuary at Chepstow; Wye Estuary at Tintern.

For more information call the Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or 0845 988 1188, select option 1 and enter Quickdial number 197701