A GROUP of travellers have welcomed the allocation of a £52,000 Government grant to regenerate a Pontypool suburb.

The travellers spoke out after Torfaen council received the Welsh Government funding to fill potholes, clear vegetation and plant trees and flowers in Cwmynyscoy.

The Labour council is to work with residents and the traveller community based in the area to bring about the improvements.

Grandmother Liz Dorothy, 73, is based at a traveller site in Lower Race, Cwmynyscoy.

She said yesterday [August 11]: “I think it is very good because we need it.

“We need the trees cut. We cannot get anyone to come regularly. It’s only now and again.

“We would like somebody to come on a monthly basis.

“There are beautiful flowers behind the vegetation but they are covered up with weeds.

“There’s also potholes. We would be grateful if the council could come to some arrangement to make it more homely and cleaner."

Torfaen council is running a summer play scheme at the traveller site occupied by 20 or so families.

Council key worker Sue Morgan said the funding allocation was “wonderful” while other travellers on the site welcomed the funding allocation.

Adrian Bold, of Cwmynyscoy, also welcomed the forthcoming improvements in the area.

Mr Bold, 66, said: “Anything that helps to improve the infrastructure and environment of the area is very welcome.”

On Friday, natural resources minister John Griffiths announced that almost £800,000 was to be allocated to help keep up communities across Wales.

The funding includes £52,651 for Cwmynyscoy, plus £56,655 to clean up open spaces in Torfaen and £10,000 to deliver an environmental roadshow to clamp down on litter louts, fly tipping and dog fouling in the borough.

A Welsh Government spokesman said the funding would help transform Welsh land that can be enjoyed by the entire community.

Torfaen council added the funding would allow it to develop an environmental roadshow that would tour the county, and make a real difference to the communities of Cwmynyscoy and Forgeside through improvements to the local environment and access to green spaces.