MORE than 125 people have signed a petition calling on Torfaen council to install safety measures along a village road in Cwmbran.

Residents in Pontnewydd want to see immediate action as fears grow that their village is turning into a “death trap” with cars speeding past their homes.

The petition was launched a week ago, and in that time, 128 signatures have been added to the list, which also calls for action to cut down on illegal parking also.

Sue Law, whose mother lives at the Ladywell pensioners’ complex, in Richmond Road, said a zebra crossing is “desperately needed”.

“It’s like a death trap trying to cross the road,” she added.

“My mum was almost knocked down last week because of people ignoring the limit.

“We struggled to get on the pavement because she uses a wheelchair.

“A zebra crossing right outside Ladywell would have helped us.”

Other anxious residents say a speed camera should be installed to help solve the problem.

Joe Chesterman has launched an online petition calling for measures to be introduced.

“We as a community are taking a stand,” said Mr Chesterman, the Conservative party candidate for the Pontnewydd ward.

“This is a matter of public safety and it needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

“I launched the petition because I hope people will sign it and something can be sorted.

“Parking is a nightmare and I’ve seen near-miss accidents.”

Brian Mawby, the agent for the three Labour party candidates for the Cwmbran ward, said: "Everyone is keen on improving road safety in the village, but you are targeting the wrong body, by criticising the council.

“You say the council has carried out too many roadworks in the village, but the only work undertaken recently by the council is the scheme to increase the size of the pavements, which was needed to enable the whole village area to be designated a 20mph zone.

“Without that improvement work, no 20mph zone.

“The other works in the last few weeks are the burst water main which blocked the road by Silcoxes, and the continuing work up Mount Pleasant Road to renew the water mains - both the responsibility of Welsh Water and the only time the road was blocked - as shown in your photo – was when Welsh Water blocked it in order to safeguard their workmen.

“The real problem in the village which endangers people, is the anti-social parking by some selfish drivers."

He also criticised police dealing with illegal parking as their lowest priority.

He added: “Only the PCSO makes any attempt to deal with those drivers who seem incapable of walking more than a few metres to a parking space and he has other duties in other parts of Cwmbran, so he can't always be there when needed."

Damian Paul Edmunds, the Independent candidate for Pontnewydd, was contacted for a comment.

A Torfaen council spokesman said: “There is no suitable location to site a controlled pedestrian crossing in Pontnewydd village and the area would not qualify for a permanent speed camera.

“We have recently completed a road safety scheme in the village designed to reduce driver speed, including a reduction in the speed limit to 20mph along with associated signage that will be installed shortly.”

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