THE MP for Torfaen has voted against the bill to extract the UK from EU law and aired his concerns in the House of Commons during the lengthy debate on Monday.

Nick Thomas-Symonds was one of 290 MPs who voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill, citing fears over diminished job security should it go forward.

However, the motion was carried as 326 MPs voted in favour of the bill and moves onto its next stage within the parliamentary process.

Mr Thomas-Symonds, whose constituency voted to leave during the referendum, labelled the bill as a “power grab” and felt he could not support it.

“This Bill is not about whether we leave the EU – it is about how that process is handled,” he said.

“Recognising the result of the referendum, I voted to trigger Article 50 to leave the EU.

“But the ineptitude of the Tory Government’s strategy since has been a disaster for everyone, whether they voted to Leave or Remain.

“People certainly did not vote for jobs and key rights to be undermined by a shoddy Brexit process.”

During the debate, Mr Thomas-Symonds said he was “simply never be able to trust Tory ministers with things like workers’ rights, environmental protections and consumer rights”.

“The Tory Government appears incapable of listening to concerns and following a process that puts jobs first.,” added the Torfaen MP.

“Instead, this Bill is a cynical power grab by the Tory Government, something that I cannot support.

“I am not prepared to give a blank cheque to Tory ministers to change whichever laws they please.”

More than 100 MPs from across the chamber took part in the two-day debate, which lasted two days.