A WELL-KNOWN mixologist has been announced as the new owner of a microbar and kitchen.

Christos Kyriakidis - who has worked in bars and restaurants in Newport, Usk, Cardiff and Plymouth - has become the owner of The Mad Platter in Usk.

Mr Kyriakidis previously worked in The Mad Platter as a cocktail consultant under owner Victoria Lewis before leaving in May this year to start on opening The Pod bar and eatery in Newport along with two business partners.

However, Mr Kyriakidis said he couldn’t turn down the offer to run The Mad Platter. And he will now work and run both bars and eateries.

He said: “The previous owner, was looking to sell the lease and it was offered to me, so I know it’s a great little bar so I went for it.

“I have lots of ideas but we will start to change a few things in the new year, not much needed to be changed. The previous owner did a great job on the decor.

“I am overwhelmed from the support from locals living in Usk.”