A COMMUNITY outreach and support charity in Torfaen is set to receive £2,000 from a radio station competition after it was nominated by a friend of the owner.

Trac2 will be hoping to use the money from the Heart Radio competition to help with its Christmas day services and purchasing items which are most in demand.

“A friend of mine, Margaret Crowley who I’ve known for a very long time, had unbeknownst to me entered a competition on the radio,” said Sue Malson, who runs the charity in Trevethin.

“She had nominated the Trac2 charity for the prize which was around £2,000.

“Unfortunately I missed when it was on the radio as I was out on the road delivering.

“As far as I know, discussions are ongoing as to what will be happening but hopefully we should have it in time for Christmas.

“It will make a huge difference having £2,000 ahead of Christmas as it will help us as we put on Christmas day lunches.

“We are hoping to buy a number of new beds as those are the items which are most in demand from the charity.”