TWO photography exhibitions of a Blaenavon-born photographer on display Big Pit will be ending at the end of the month.

Walter Waygood, 60, trained as an artist before switching to photography and took the images in two exhibitions at the museum in his early 20s.

The ‘Family of Blaenafon’ and the ‘Family of Miners’ will remain on display until Sunday, January 28.

The idea originated when the photographer returned to Wales two years ago.

“It was a celebration of humanity and I wanted to do a series of exhibitions and not be ashamed of celebrating the area that I came from,” said Mr Waygood.

“They are not pretty pictures but there’s an honesty to them and it’s a celebration of valleys life.

“I am someone who loves the area and wanted to promote the area because when you look at the miners, they are not the typical pictures of them.

“They are pictures of everyday life and they are of the camaraderie and the community spirit that’s so part of life in the south Wales valleys.”