THE parents of a Gwent man who went missing 14 years ago have spoken of the anguish of not knowing what happened to him.

James Nutley from Caldicot went missing in 2004 while he was on a golfing trip to Tenby.

The 25-year-old was captured by CCTV walking back to this hotel on Tenby’s seafront, but he then vanished.

His parents Catherine and Jeffrey Nutley appeared on Wales This Week: The Left Behind last night speaking of their search for their son.

Mrs Nutley said: “Hardly anyone knows James is missing, I believe if we has spoken to press we might have got further forward.

“We have tried to keep it in public eye and Missing People have done things for us. The programme is another ray of hope.”

The couple went to Tenby as part of the filming and believe someone knows what happened

She added: “You just don’t know, we think someone knows something, but we won’t get our hopes up.”

Mr Nutley said on the programme: “He was the light of our lives.

“He had everything going, a lovely life and he’s just gone, and I mean gone because there’s no trace of anything to say where he is, what’s happened, how he went, where he went. No idea. Not a clue.”

The couple spoke about not having any closure and their determination to find out exactly what happened to their son.

Mr Nutley added: “There are so many complications with it and things that don’t seem to add up properly at all,”

“To just disappear in a matter of strides. One minute you’re still on the side of the road, the next minute there’s no sign at all. It’s like a vanishing trick.”

James left the Prince of Wales pub in Upper Frog Street at 11.40pm on Sunday, October 24 to head back to his hotel, the Giltar.

He was seen at 11.57pm crossing the road towards the Atlantic Hotel and in the CCTV footage, six people can be seen walking along the pavement past the hotel, around ten - 15 metres away from Mr Nutley.

Dyfed Powys Police spent eight days searching buildings, coastline and beaches, before stopping the physically search on November 1.