A MAN who bit a policewoman and injured another officer during a "nasty" drunken attack in Pontypool has been jailed for 16 months.

One of the officers attacked by James Riddell, 28, described the incident as “the most violent and physically testing experience of his career”.

Riddell, of Ffwrwm Rd, Machen, had previously admitted to charges of ABH and assaulting an officer in execution of his duty.

Newport Crown Court heard that the attack happened outside the home of Riddell’s brother in South Street, Sebastopol on the morning of January 27.

Prosecutor Robert Goodwin told the court that two officers, one male and one female, were called to the house following an argument between Riddell and his partner.

“Officers arrived and took the defendant outside to calm him down and organise transport to take him elsewhere,” he said.

“He was placed in the back of the patrol car but then moved into the front. It was then that officers noticed he was intoxicated.

“When he was told toe wait inside the vehicle by officers, he became irate and began shouting at them.”

The court heard that the policeman tried to keep at arm’s length from Riddell, who “lunged” towards the officer to grab him.

Riddell continued to resist arrest even when on the ground, where he kicked out at the officers and injured one in the process.

“He continued to kick out before biting the policewoman on the hand,” said Mr Goodwin.

“The officer shouted to stop biting and only got him to stop once she had him in a chokehold. The officer had drawn blood.

“Because of the way he was acting, the officers were forced to use PAVA spray to his eyes, but he continued to resist.”

The two officers had to call emergency backup to help with Riddell, whose actions were described by the policeman with the injured knee as “completely disgusting”.

In a victim impact statement, he said: “My experience with the defendant was the most violent and physically testing experience of my career.”

The court heard that Riddell had previously been convicted of assaults on police officers on four previous occasions.

Sarah Isles, defending, said both her client and his partner had been invited for a few drinks at his brother’s home.

“He had begun drinking very early in the day at around 11am, and when he arrived he was intoxicated,” said Ms Isles.

“He accepts his behaviour and in interview described it as appalling, pathetic and childish. He drinks very rarely and has curbed his drinking in the last three years.”

Ms Isles added that Riddell was a full-time carer of his father, who suffers from cirrhosis of the liver, as well as being a father of a two-year-old son.

But recorder Paul Lewis QC said Riddell had made “determined efforts” to bite the policewoman, describing the wounds as “nasty”.