AM FOR MONMOUTH Nick Ramsay has written to the Welsh Government over some GPs concerns regarding planned changes to national IT systems.

Around half of GPs in Wales are users of the EMIS web service, which is used to record and share patient information. But NHS Wales have chosen to change suppliers as part of a wider primary care deal approved by the Welsh Government.

EMIS users will be transitioned to the new services, offered by Vision Health and Microtest, over the next two years.

Mr Ramsay said: "There is obvious widespread frustration and annoyance among Monmouthshire GPs about the proposed changes, which come at a time when morale in general practice is at an all time low."

In a letter to GPs, NHS Wales said: "We recognise that changing supplier is a very significant undertaking and it is disappointing that EMIS Health Ltd submitted a response that fell far short of the requirements despite considerable dialogue at every stage explaining why their proposed changes to the NHS Wales requirements would not be acceptable."