THE AM for Torfaen has highlighted the impact of social media on the emotional and mental health of children and young people, writes Alisha Cadogan.

As chairwoman of the Children, Young People and Education Committee, Lynne Neagle said that although the internet had many positive effects on young people’s lives it also brought challenges.

She said: ‘Children and young people are more connected than they have ever been but while the internet brings many advantages it brings many challenges, too.

‘In an inquiry currently underway by the Children, Young People and Education Committee into the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children, one of the things to come through is that social media is having an impact on the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

‘The Children’s Commissioner in England recently produced a report called a Life in Likes that focused on the impact of social media on our very youngest children.

‘That is why I am delighted to host this event. Safer Internet Day is a call to action to create a better internet for everyone but especially for our children and young people.’

Safer Internet Day is an annual event held in February, promoting safe use of technology.