A STALWART of the community has celebrated her 100th birthday at at Severn View Residential Home in Chepstow.

Dorothy Bartle celebrated the special day last Tuesday with 16 family members.

Born in Sudbrook, near Caldicot, Mrs Bartle previously worked at the Reynolds store in Newport, before later finding work at the Red and White Bus Company in Bulwark, Chepstow.

She retired after working at the Sudbrook Paper Mill, near Portskewett.

An active member of the community, Mrs Bartle was a councillor and school governor while living in Mathern.

She also regularly took part in fetes, pantomimes and other community events to raise money for a new village hall.

Mrs Bartle recalls working in Newport during the Second World War.

She said: "Bombs were dropped at Severn Tunnel, the train was shunted into the tunnel and I did not get home until 11.30pm.

"Dad said I had to get a job nearer home.

"After work I would do three hours service at Air Raid Precaution.

"If a warning came through I had to warn the village with a siren."

Family members packed into the residential home in Mounton Road, Chepstow, to celebrate the special day, bringing cards and presents.

As is customary, she also received a birthday card from the Queen.

Wish Mrs Bartle well for her special day at freepressseries.co.uk.