A SCHEME which aims to eradicate “period poverty” in Monmouthshire has been handed £1,000 in funding from Caldicot town council.

Cllr Rachel Garrick had made proposals for the council to provide cheap and reusable sanitary products to local young women and girls in December.

The Castle councillor’s idea was met with resounding support by fellow members and the latest sign of support has been welcomed.

“I’m absolutely flattered, it’s a great and visionary move by the council,” said Cllr Garrick.

“We’ve got funding for the next year but things won’t properly kick off until April.”

At the time of the original proposal, both Cllr Garrick and town mayor Cllr Phil Stevens had already met with staff at Caldicot School to discuss the potential scheme.

The Free Press had previously reported that Caldicot is already in a partnership with feminine hygiene product supplier Always.

The school keeps a large stock of products in the welfare room and female pupils and staff are aware that these products are available free of charge.

Only one secondary school in Monmouthshire employs the use of PHS machines for tampons and sanitary towels, to a cost of £1 for pupils.

The issue of period poverty has also been taken up on a county council level, with Cllr Dimitri Batrouni claiming to have received “anecdotal evidence” of it being present in the county.

Last year Monmouthshire County Council passed a motion, put forward by Cllr Batrouni, calling to identify how widespread the problem was and commit to tackling it.

The investigation is being headed by Cllr Sara Jones.