A SURVEY which aims to chart and track the spread of bovine tuberculosis (TB) in Wales has received the support of the National Farmers Union (NFU) Cymru.

The union is urging its members and the public to participate in the Welsh Government's 'Badger Found Dead' consultation which continues to be in operation.

The call comes after the most recent published figures by Welsh Government show that 725 of badgers found dead were tested in Wales, in the period September 2014 to August 2017.

This survey is important so that an accurate picture of the disease in wildlife across Wales is built up.

In a joint statement, Wyn Evans, NFU Cymru livestock board chairman, and Gareth Richards, NFU Cymru milk board chairman, said: “Surveillance is essential in any disease control programme and bovine TB is no different.

"Bovine TB continues to cause heartache for farming families across Wales therefore we strongly encourage our members and the general public to participate in this survey to help build up an accurate picture of the disease in Wales.

"It is important to build up a picture of where diseased wildlife are playing a part in the transmission of this disease and also crucially where wildlife are healthy and therefore not implicated in cattle herd breakdowns.

“The Wales Veterinary Science Centre in Aberystwyth has been commissioned by Welsh Government to test for TB in badgers found dead."

In order for a badger to be suitable for testing it needs to be in tact, with no internal organs visible, not distended with gas, not flattened and not covered in maggots or flies.

The location of dead badgers can be reported to 08081 695110, ideally with the six figure grid reference used on OS Maps for example.