WALKING one hundred metres may seem like a short distance to most people, but for Gwyn Dafydd Hughes it represents the remarkable recovery of a strong-willed individual.

Cheered on my family, friends and other supporters at Newport Velodrome, the 26-year-old completed 302 steps to cross the mark, as part of a sponsored walk for Sport Relief this week.

Two years ago, the Llantarnam man was left completely paralysed on the right-hand side of his body and unable to move after brain surgery.

Speaking after the Velodrome event on Wednesday he said: "I think it is the furthest I’ve walked since then, and I feel very proud. It feels good."

His his previous record was 80 metres.

“My plan is to try and go a little further every time,” he added.

Mr Hughes, who also has a genetic condition called neurofibromatosis was supported by his father, also named Gwyn Hughes, on the sponsored walk.

Neurofibromatosis affects the nervous system by causing tumours to grow.

“It was good that dad was there to help me, although he does hold onto me a bit too tightly at times,” added Mr Hughes.

His father said: “Considering that two years ago he was completely paralysed and couldn’t do anything, I’m so proud to see where he is now.

"He couldn’t walk, he couldn’t move his hands, he couldn’t grip – he couldn’t do anything.

“This is the equivalent of a marathon for an able-bodied person by comparison.

“The amount of effort required to walk both mentally and physically is immense for him."

He also said there was a very personal reason for the fundraisings surrounding the event.

"One of the focuses of Sport Relief this year is around men’s mental health and unfortunately one of Gwyn’s cousins died last year as a result of mental health issues," he added. "This is in his memory.”

To donate to Mr Hughes’ total, visit justgiving.com/fundraising/gwyn-hughes5