RAGLAN Park Farm are celebrating the birth of their long awaited baby donkey and are looking for name suggestions, writes Claudia Wyatt.

Tina the donkey gave birth to a beautifully fluffy foal on Tuesday morning, but farm owner Gareth Williams mistakenly thought it was a girl, but later realised he was in fact a boy.

Gareth’s cousin Gwynne Williams, who also works at the farm, said: “The birth was a bit complicated but, luckily, Gareth was ‘on hand’ to help the delivery go smoothly, but I think he’s due a trip to Specsavers.”

Business has been booming at the farm over the last few days with the sun coming out and the birth their new foal.

Mr Williams said: “We’ve had around 1,000 visitors today but he seems to have settled in very well to life on the farm despite the busyness of the last few days. He’s taken it in his stride.”

Raglan Park Farm is both a working farm with more than 1,000 acres of land and a petting farm with a variety of activities to keep children entertained for hours.

The farm is home to quite a variety of animals including Lammy the Llama, Whiskey the Shetland pony, Arunvale the Alpaca, as well as chickens, guinea pigs, emus, goats and turkeys.

It really is a family business, with the Williams cousins running the farm with Gareth’s wife Dilys and father Keith, and his twin daughters Amanda and Elizabeth, both 12, helping out during the school holidays.

If you would like to enter their competition to name the foal, join the ‘Raglan Farm Park’ group on Facebook.