PUPILS and staff from schools across Monmouthshire were joined by the Children's Commissioner for Wales at a conference to highlight the importance of the United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Super Ambassadors' conference, hosted by the council's Healthy School Team, was held at The Cwrt Bleddyn hotel in Usk on March 27.

Pupils elect Super Ambassadors at the beginning of every year to carry out three duties. These are to inform other pupils about the commissioner and her powers, ensure other pupils know about children’s rights under the UNCRC and carry out special missions for the commissioner in their school.The scheme has been championed by the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland, to promote children’s rights.

Cabinet member for children and young people Cllr Richard John said: "The adoption of the Super Ambassadors’ Scheme in Monmouthshire will embed children’s rights in our schools and will encourage our young people to recognise the importance of the rights to have their voices heard, to play and to be safe."